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Recreational Programs

All classes are available for boys & girls.

Parent & Tot

18 months - 3 years 

1 Hour

Our Parent & Tot program is designed to introduce toddlers to gymnastics with the help from Mom or Dad. This hour long program allows your little one to explore their motor skills through age appropriate games, balancing activities, and much more. TriStar provides a separate kinder gym with toddler size equipment with your child in mind. Our kinder gym equipment allows your toddler to explore their capabilities on our mini bars, beams, floor apparatus, trampoline and more!


3 - 5 years

1 Hour

Our Jumpstart program has been developed with young athletes in mind. Our kinder gym allows our athletes to learn the basics of gymnastics on equipment sized just for them. Our mini bars, lowered beams, kid friendly floor apparatus, vault and trampoline allow your child to feel safe and comfortable while developing their skills. In order to provide a little bit of extra security, our kinder gym comes complete with a viewing window into our lobby where parents can keep an eye on their little ones. 

Jr. Rec

6 - 8 years
1.5 Hours

Our Jr. Rec. program gives our young athletes the opportunity to develop their gymnastic skills in a fun, safe environment. Our TriStar recreational level system is designed to take children through the basic progressions of gymnastics and move into more advanced skills. 

Core Gym

9+ years
2 Hours

Core Gymnastics provides our athletes with the opportunity to develop their gymnastics skills through progressions and physical conditioning. This program takes our athletes through our TriStar recreational level system which allows them the opportunity to work at their own level and pace. Each level includes progressions and skills required to master more difficult skills. 

Elite Rec

10+ years
Up to 6 Hours, 2x per week 

Our Elite Rec program is designed for advanced athletes looking to improve their gymnastic skills. This program allows athletes to participate two times a week, which is necessary when participating at an advanced level. Testing is required for this program. Please email our office with details to discuss coming in for an assessment, if available.

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