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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register?

A. Feel free to visit the "register" page on our website, fill out the necessary forms, and return them to us via email. We will give you further instructions after that point. We cannot hold/reserve spaces or accept registrations without payment. For assistance, please email us

Q. What do I wear to class?

A. For clothes, we recommend that athletes wear what they'd feel comfortable moving around in. Socks will be removed for safety reasons, any long hair/loose jewellery should be removed, and we also recommend they bring a water bottle with their name on it. We recommend clothing with no buttons, strings, or buckles.

Q. How do I know which class to register my child in?

A. Classes are grouped by age, so the class will correspond with your child’s age group. 

Q. Is previous gymnastics experience necessary?

A. Not at all! Many of our athletes have no prior experience and excel in their classes. We have a level system in place to accommodate those with experience as well as those without.

Q. What drinks are permitted? Gatorade? Powerade?

A. Only water is permitted inside the gym (no additives i.e. Mio allowed). No other drinks are allowed.

Q. Can I request a specific coach?

A. No, however all of our coaches are caring, qualified and competent instructors! Coaches are scheduled according to coaching availability, levels of the class, levels of the coach and needs of the gym so we cannot guarantee your favourite coach will be matched with the class of your choice.

Q. Do I have to pay the Gymnastics Ontario fee?

A. Yes, the fee is a mandatory fee we are required to charge through Gymnastics Ontario, our regulatory body. You pay this fee no matter where you go in Ontario to do gymnastics. This fee cannot be waived or prorated. The fee is valid from July 1st - June 30th.

Q. What is a no obligation trial class?

A. For newcomers of our recreational classes, we offer a single no-obligation trial class. Athletes can schedule a day where they attend a class, see how they like it, and if at the end of the trial they wish to continue we would take registration and payment. If an athlete decides after the trial class that they do not wish to continue at that time, there is no obligation to register or pay for the trial class. If an athlete decides that they do wish to continue, the cost of the trial class will be included in the registration fee. We only register no obligation trials after our registration period is complete and offer the classes in which we have additional space. Please note that registrations are taken on a first come first serve basis and our trials are not guarantees. If someone registers for an open spot, then you may lose your trial spot.

Q. Can I join partway through the session? 

A. Yes! So long as we have space in classes, we are happy to register you no matter when during the session. We will prorate the price based on the start date.

Q. Are girls and boys registered at your facility?

A. Our classes are mixed classes, meaning we accept both boys as well as girls into our recreational program.

Q. Can I come by and see the facility?

A. If you have checked out our photos on our website and still wish to come visit in person, feel free to book a tour with us at times our facility is less busy, by sending an email.

Q. Is parent viewing allowed during classes?

A. Due to COVID-19 constraints as well as fire safety, we are not allowed to have parents inside the gym, we apologize for the inconvenience. If they wish, parents can use our designated viewing window located in our lobby. While our facility offers spectators the benefits of a viewing forum, this can present a challenge for our coaches as they strive to capture and hold the attention of the children in their groups.

Q. Do parents have to stay for the whole duration of class?

A. Not at all! We do have a lobby area for those who choose to stay, however there is no requirement to do so. We will call you if we need to. We do recommend that if your little one is in our Jumpstart program, you stay in case they need assistance in the bathroom.

Q. What are your payment options?

A. We currently accept cash, debit card, cheque, or etransfer to our email address. We do not accept credit card at this time. We accept payment in full for the session.

Q. Can we book a make-up class?

A. Due to full classes, coach to athlete ratios, and a very full gym, we are unable to offer make up classes due to absences or other extenuating circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience.​

Q. How do I know when my gymnast is ready to move classes?

A. All of our classes are categorized based on the gymnast's age. We have a level system in place to continuously assess children and keep them progressing on harder skills. Each gymnast will progress at his or her own rate. We move up our students when they individually have mastered the skills for that level.  

Q. What are the benefits of gymnastics?


Q. My child has a medical condition. Are they able to do gymnastics?

A. Of course, depending on their special needs there are a variety of options available. We ask that you provide us with information on your special need in order to help us best coach your child. The more information we have about how to work with your child the easier the transition will be. We will do our best to support the child in the program if we can. In some cases, private lessons are necessary to best support the child.

Q. Is the first class in the session challenging?

A. In order to ensure the safety of the athletes in the class, our coaches will need to assess their ability during class and get to know the class and the group dynamics. We will do this at the beginning of each session. If you want to make sure we know about an athletes personal goals please speak with the supervisor so that we can make sure the coach is aware in the first couple of weeks of class.

Q. Why are socks removed?

A. During gymnastics classes, gymnasts will use equipment that they can easily slip on if they are wearing socks. For safety reasons, we have athletes remove their socks. If the athlete has any open wounds, we ask that they are covered with bandages and tape at home if necessary.

Q. Could you post on a photo of my child on Instagram?

A. Of course! Feel free to send us a photo and we would be happy to post it.

Q. Is there a refund policy?

A. Yes, we do have a refund policy for classes written on the registration form. Refund requests must be made in writing (email) to be eligible to receive a refund. Refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee. Please email us if you have any questions. Refunds are calculated on a case to case basis.

Q. May I discuss something with my child’s coach?
A. Unfortunately, for safety reasons as well as ensuring that each athlete receives the full class time, we do not allow parents to discuss with the coaches one on one. Coaches often work back to back classes and are unable to stay to speak with a parent. If you have a concern or question, please feel free to discuss with the office and we will assist (email is best). We can provide an internal investigation and update on any concerns or issues experienced.

Q. What to expect in Gymnastics class?

A. A link to some information here and also here

Q. Do you sell T-shirts or other gymnastics attire?

A. We do! Please check our merchandise page for more information.

Q. Do you offer private lessons?

A. Yes we do! Private lessons are offered during "off peak" gym times to allow for optimal equipment use. There is very limited space for these lessons and they start at $50 an hour. Please email us if you are interested.

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